Peter Riezebos (1980) is a Shanghai-based artist from the Netherlands. His creative work encompasses drawings and paintings, primarily in abstract, figurative and neo- expressionism traditions.

Recent gallery and museum shows: ‘Ni Chi Bao Le Ma?’ (Shanghai, 2018), ‘Cosmic Colors’ (Beverly Hills, 2018), ‘Addicted to Life’ (Amsterdam, 2017), ‘Considering the American Dream’ (New York, 2017) and ‘Chinese Artifacts’ (Shanghai, 2017).

Peter Riezebos his art is documented in multiple art books: ‘Existential Lines’ (2015), ‘Chinese Artifacts’ (2017) and Butorfleoge (2018). In 2017 PostNL released official national post stamps with Peter’s art from the ‘Go Dutch’ (2016) art show.