Peter Riezebos (1980) is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam and Shanghai. His art focusses on large paintings in the neo-expressionism traditions, and is influenced by his art heroes Basquiat, Picasso, De Kooning and Appel.

Works by Peter are bold and powerful, emotionally attractive and his artistic ‘schwung’ demands immersive attention and interaction of the perceiver. Each painting is unique in its (color) composition and is constantly a combination of intentional creation – based on visualization – and free ad hoc expressionism.

Peter considers himself a global citizen and paints on location all over the world (often residing the majority of the year in hotels all over Europe, Asia and the United States). His traveling and accompanied cross-cultural development is translated throughout his art.

In recent years, Peter has been invited to commercial galleries and institutions and has also exhibited in international first-tier cities such as Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.

Peter his art is represented in significant art collections around the world and auctioned at primary auction houses.

Commissioned Art

In addition to his official thematic art shows and free works Peter is available for commissioned art works.

For Peter his work is currently a waiting list. Please email to to inquire on availability.


Peter his art is presented in three art books which were all released in Asia.
The digital versions of the books are available for free download below: